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Wolf Mobility

ConvertaStep Lift

ConvertaStep offers revolutionary access products for both residences and businesses. The lifts and ramps offer flexibility and are built with quality to last. ConvertaStep works easily with entries of one or up to five steps, and is designed to blend in easily with any home or business exterior. ConvertaStep’s lifts and ramps are safe, reliable and cost-effective. Steve Kitchin, founder of ConvertaStep and a quadriplegic since 1999 said "I did not want a 40 foot ramp to my front door. They are incredibly expensive and I do not like the way they look. Our lift provides access for wheelchairs, scooters, walkers or anyone that has difficulty climbing stairs…and it can be installed for a fraction of the cost.”



The lift is inconspicuous to the eye, and most onlookers would be unaware of its presence, unlike traditional large, bulky ramp systems. The small, cost-effective lift comes in 3 sizes that are adjustable to span one and up to five steps, and can be painted to blend with any house style and exterior.

Welcome Mat

Instant Access!

For structures with thresholds of 1” to 8”, ConvertaStep also makes the "Welcome Mat Ramp.” When not in use, the carpet covered ramp lies flat and serves as a door mat. This ramp comes in a manual or a powered version that operates with a wireless remote. Simply pull a lever or push a remote button and the door side of the mat raises to make a ramp. The durable ramp surface is covered with a variety of carpet colors for an attractive style.


DMS Lift

The user positions their wheelchair on the lift

  • The lift raises them to the upmost door position where it then rotates 90 degrees, situating the person in the driving position
  • The user then pulls forward under the steering wheel into the driving position.

The DMS lift enables you to drive from a truck or SUV without having to transfer from your wheelchair. You no longer have to drive only lowered floored vans. You have a choice.


The frame, rocker panel, threshold and fuel tank are not modified. The proprietary door openers and closers operate by air. The factory door can easily be opened manually.


Emergency backups for hydraulic and electrical failures.

The DMS lift can be installed in the following GM Vehicles:

2wd 1500 (4wd depends on the user and their chair) • GMC Sierra Extended cab • Sierra Crew Cab • Yukon • Yukon XL • Chevrolet Silverado Extended Cab • Silverado Crew Cab • Tahoe • Suburban • Cadillac EXT • Escalade • Escalade ESV (1)
2wd 2500 (4wd depends on the user and their chair) • GMC Sierra Extended cab • Sierra Crew Ca • Yukon XL • Chevrolet Silverado Extended Cab • Silverado Crew Cab • Suburban • Cadillac not available
4wd 2500 • GMC Sierra Extended cab • Sierra Crew Cab • Yukon XL • Chevrolet Silverado Extended Cab • Silverado Crew Cab • Suburban (Cadillac not available)

All Terrain Conversions

The mission of ATC is to supply customers an exceptional product that provides a truly unique life changing experience through mobility with style. ATC conversions are developed through a team effort that ensures the highest quality design for manufacturing, efficient assembly processes and competitive costs and services. You can drive a truck from your wheelchair! We have the wheelchair lift for trucks or SUVs that will work for you!