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Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves offer a number of benefits over traditional latex and vinyl gloves. 

These include;

1. Elimination of latex and possible allergic reactions

2. More resistant to puncture resistant than regular latex gloves.

This makes them the preferred glove when there is risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens or other environmental contaminants. If you are dealing with substances that could infect or severely injure you, you want to be wearing gloves that offer the best puncture resistance. For this, and other reasons, nitrile gloves are referred to as Medical Grade, because they have undergone numerous tests that make them suitable for use in medical environments such as laboratories and hospitals.

3. Superior chemical resistance over other types of gloves.

The nitrile rubber that makes up the glove has better resistance to chemicals, acids and oils over natural rubber and other materials. Puncture resistance plus chemical resistance makes nitrile gloves preferred into not only medical environments but also spill clean-up, mechanical situations and more.

4. More tactile sensitivity, meaning that you can feel objects in your hand and manipulate them easily.

Other gloves reduce your ability to manipulate objects that you are holding, and that is not a concern with nitrile gloves. The increased flexibility allows you to use nitrile gloves in situations where you want to be protected but also need dexterity and sensitivity.

5. Better fit for wet or dry use, ability to be worn other work gloves to make them water-proof and more.


If you need to wear gloves in a work or home environment, you should consider wearing nitrile gloves over gloves made from other materials. They offer the strength, durability and flexibility necessary to complete tasks while keeping your hands safe from corrosive or contaminated materials.