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Nasal Cannula

Oxygen Cannulas | High Flow Nasal Cannulas - Pediatric Cannulas

Nasal cannulae, commonly referred to as oxygen cannulas, are medical devices used to deliver supplemental oxygen to a person that needs oxygen therapy. Being made of a lightweight tube, oxygen cannulas easily hook around an individual's ears and gently rest inside of the nostrils; the opposite end of an oxygen cannula connects directly to an oxygen concentrator or flowmeter.

Most oxygen cannulas carry oxygen at lower flow rates, up to 5 liters per minute. However, if you need an oxygen cannula that can support a higher flow rate, you should check out a high flow nasal cannula.

In addition to our low and high flow adult oxygen cannulas, we also provide infant cannulae, too.

Oxygen therapy becomes hassle-free and convenient with our wide selection of oxygen cannulas. Peruse our nasal cannulae today to enhance your oxygen therapy.