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3M 8-170 Steri-Gas™ Ethylene Oxide Gas Cartridge 170g, BX/12
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3M 8-170 Steri-Gas™ Ethylene Oxide Gas Cartridge 170g, BX/12

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3M™ Steri-Gas™ EO Gas Cartridges are single-use cartridges containing 100% ethylene oxide intended for use in 3M™ Steri-Vac™ Sterilizer/Aerators (ethylene oxide sterilizers). When used in the appropriate 3M™ Steri-Vac™ Sterilizer/Aerator, the cartridges deliver the predetermined amount of ethylene oxide for each sterilization cycle. Before a sterilization cycle is started, an operator secures a cartridge in the cartridge bay located inside the sterilizer chamber. The product load is placed in the sterilizer chamber; the sterilizer door is closed and automatically locks when the sterilization cycle is started. Inside the locked sterilization chamber, when conditioning parameters are obtained, the cartridge is punctured under a vacuum and the entire amount of ethylene oxide contained in the cartridge is delivered to the sterilization chamber. The used cartridge is aerated along with sterilized items during the aeration phase of the cycle. After sterilization and aeration are complete, the used cartridges can be recycled or disposed of with non-incinerated waste per facility policy

3M™ Steri-Gas™ EO Gas Cartridges were developed and designed with the safety of operators and patients in mind. • Only small amounts of ethylene oxide (EO) are contained in the cartridges (nominal net fill weights of 100 – 170 grams). • The cartridges deliver the proper amount of EO for each sterilization cycle. The cartridges are placed inside the sterilizer chamber and punctured only after the chamber door is securely locked, the chamber is in a vacuum, and process parameters are at predetermined values. • The cartridges allow for a sterilization process that is performed completely under a vacuum. If the system integrity is compromised during EO gas exposure, room air will enter the chamber. In this situation, the system will detect a rise in pressure and will safely cancel the cycle when the system cannot maintain a vacuum. The system will flush the sterilizer chamber with room air and exhaust it though the sterilizer system vent. • There are no bulky sterilant tanks to store, change and transport. • There are no external valves requiring time-consuming maintenance. External valves can be a source of gas leaks. • There are no gas line filters that can plug and require periodic changing. Gas line filters can also be sources of EO exposure. • The cartridges do not contain chlorofluorocarbon or other diluents banned and implicated in the destruction of the earth’s ozone layer. • The cartridges have a scanable 2D barcode individualized for each cartridge. The 2D barcode is encrypted with the 3M™ Steri-Gas™ EO Gas Cartridge’s catalogue number, lot code (expiration date) and nominal fill weight. The barcode is unique to each individual cartridge, reducing the risk that the wrong cartridge may be used in a specific cycle or sterilizer. • 3M recommends that inventories greater than 12 full cartridges be stored in a ventilated flammable liquid storage cabinet exhausted to the outside.


3M-8-170 BX/12 CARTRIDGE 170GRAM